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Oh yeah, I was chewing on a pen. 

Oh yeah, I was chewing on a pen. 


get to know me: teen wolf edition
03/08 favourite characters | allison argent

#this look right here is the most important #look at oliver’s face while watching felicity and lyla with the baby #this is the moment that oliver realizes how badly he wants this life #and not just this life in general #he wants this life with felicity #felicity is it for him #and you can see how disappointed he is #because he thinks that he’ll never be able to have this life as long as he’s the arrow #and felicity won’t wait for him forever #so when he finally does hang up the hood for good and is ready to have this life #the only person he’d want this life with #might already have this life with someone else #and nothing breaks his heart more


Best of Season 4 Stydia 

Lydia, it wasn’t your fault. I was there, too.

You need to watch this interview

Dylan O’Brien + that eye squint thing he does

In your case, I believe it means not having any choice

In your case, I believe it means not having any choice


every star is a sun to someone, a light to brighten the darkness